Our Partners

We're committed to providing flexible, scalable and ultra fast cloud hosting services. These companies help us achieve our goals.


Telx offers one of the best colo services in the United States. In addition to establishing an impressive portfolio of expansive facilities throughout the country, Telx provides top-notch expertise to maintain FiberGalaxy's infrastructure.

Telx | Datacenter Partner

GTT provides aggregate bandwidth and burstable Layer 2 and Layer 3 solutions to FiberGalaxy's growing needs. GTT is consistently ranked among the top 5 Internet Service Providers in the world and they continue to play a big role in our growth.

GTT/nLayer | IP Transit Partner

FiberGalaxy utilizes VMware's vSphere industry-leading server virtualization platform. vSphere empowers us to virtualize our machines with confidence, redefines availability, and simplifies the virtual data center.

VMware | Virtualization Partner